Career Health Check



Taking stock of your career

This intensive Career Health Check will give you dedicated and tailored 1:1 time with a certified and experienced career coach to reflect on your career, discover where you want to go, and set you on the path to getting there.

You’ll come away with increased confidence and motivation, new career ideas and clear direction, an updated CV and a focused action plan. 

What does the health check include?

Your 1:1 career health check will allow you to:

  1. Review where you currently are in your career
  2. Identify and analyse your career values and motivational drivers to help you make decisions about who you want to be and what you want out of your career.
  3. Build confidence through gaining greater awareness of your key strengths and skills as well as your self-limiting beliefs and assumptions.
  4. Discuss the direction in which you want to go and identify and evaluate your career options.
  5. Polish your CV, get networking tips and learn about the hidden job market.
  6. Define your career goals in the short, medium and longer term and develop an action plan to help you achieve those goals.
  7. Land that dream job in 2018!

*Includes preparatory exercises to be completed in advance of your session, in order to allow you to maximise your time with your coach.

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