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Nicola, higher education professional

I had a series of career coaching sessions with Natalie at a time when I was in a career rut: feeling bored and under-utilised in my current role with an ever increasing sense of self-doubt and low self-confidence. I knew I had more to offer, wanted to offer more, but didn’t know how to articulate my strengths, or what sort of role might suit me. I didn’t know where to start! Natalie has a unique blend of a gentle and empathetic but firm coaching style which enabled her to challenge me to find new perspectives. Natalie listens closely and makes pertinent and helpful observations that helped me to see that being under-utilised in a role is not the same as under-performing. That was the beginning of the transformation! Over a few months we worked on my confidence and explored what I really respond to in a job role. Soon after I secured a new role where I am challenged and definitely playing to my strengths and preferences. I don’t think I would have got there had it not been for Natalie’s support, encouragement and coaching.  

Anna, higher education professional

Natalie coached me during my – up to now – most significant career transition. I am grateful to Natalie for creating a safe space which allowed me to explore the impact of that change on the various strands of my life. Through our conversations I was able to bring all the parts of myself together. She asked insightful questions and combined with her compassion gave me so many new ways of looking at things.

Rachel, on a career journey

I came to Natalie after many unsuccessful interviews following the end of a temporary contract in the middle of the pandemic. She helped me to regain my self confidence and more importantly reframe my experiences more positively. 

Natalie didn’t just listen, she also picked upon what was not being said. Her empathy and relaxed, approachable manner helped me to feel safe enough to explore how I felt and challenge the negative view I had of myself. The interview training has been so helpful and although I’ve not landed a job (yet), the feedback I have received from interviewers is much more positive. I’m not sure how Natalie did it but my whole outlook has changed for the better and that would not have happened without her. 

As with all coaching you get out what you put in but in short Natalie is amazing. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

Jane Miller, Warwick Business School

Natalie facilitated an awayday for my manager team in December 2019.  She was very thorough in her preparations for the day and suggested several useful tools we could use as a team to achieve our desired outcome from the awayday.  Natalie is a very professional facilitator.  She judged the feeling in the room very well throughout the day and flexed as needed.  Everyone felt included and was encouraged to feel safe and to fully take part.  We were all impressed and happy with her facilitation.  I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Slow Down Retreat attendees, Self-Care Workshop 23 November 2019

“I thought the workshop was valuable and facilitated well. Great techniques to take away, having a couple of things to do for you over the day, week or year. Great to take some perspective.”

“Very practical and easy to apply.”

“Natalie gave an insight into ways of looking after ourselves.”

Rob, consultant

Natalie has been a much valued and essential investment in enabling me to establish and develop my new business – I would not have made the progress I have without her insights and feedback. Natalie listens carefully and then makes observations that get straight to the heart of the matter, opening my eyes to new opportunities and how to understand and apply my strengths to these.

Natalie is never mechanistic, formulaic or prescriptive – she has enabled me to find the answers by helping me to see where to look & why, unlocking my own insight and self-awareness. She has also helped me to develop these techniques myself so that I can apply them as I develop and grow the business.

I can’t recommend Natalie enough to anyone seeking to create and develop new opportunities, no matter your field or profession.