Going for an interview at a level above my current role and not interviewing for nearly four years was daunting. I had the classic imposter syndrome and whilst I wanted the role, I couldn’t understand why I was invited to interview. Through coaching Natalie uncovered my inner confidence and helped me realise that my skills, knowledge and experience were valuable. Through our sessions I felt my esteem building – I was ready for this and I could do it! I was able to present myself in a professional manner and as an equal at the interview. I start my new job in a few weeks!

Louise, project manager (and soon-to-be programme manager)

I found Natalie’s sessions to be extremely beneficial and inspirational. The coaching helped me to see a different perspective and gave me a solid foundation on which I could start to understand my life in a much clearer way. Goal setting was crucial and done in a way that was easy to digest. Completing goals was enjoyable and gave me a great sense of achievement. I would thoroughly recommend Natalie to anyone wanting to be the best they can be.

Jeff, IT Manager

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