1. Do you offer a free initial consultation?

Absolutely. We’ll typically meet for a 45-minute consultation session during which we’ll discover what support you require, and give you all the information you need on how Quiet Space’s programmes are structured, what you can expect from them, and what coaching can help you achieve. No hard-sell, no obligation.

2. How long does coaching last?

This depends on your starting point and what you want to achieve. Quiet Space offers coaching programmes that may require only 1-2 sessions (e.g. interview coaching and career health checks), but our Transformational Development programme typically runs over at least 6 months as this tends to be the timeframe over which real and lasting change begins to be experienced. This longer-term programme is designed to develop you both personally and professionally, helping you to break through your barriers and allow you to achieve goals that you may previously have thought were out of reach.

Programmes are tailored to your specific requirements, so in your initial complimentary consultation you’ll have the opportunity to discuss what your bespoke coaching programme would look like and what it would deliver.

3. How much does coaching cost?

As Quiet Space’s coaching programmes are entirely bespoke, prices will vary depending on your requirements, what you are looking to achieve and the coaching timeframe. As a rough guide, programmes start from £300 for interview coaching and career health check services, and from £1000 for a 6-month developmental coaching engagement. If you want to read more about what previous clients thought of the value of their coaching, you can take a look at their testimonials here.


4. How quickly can I start my programme?

We’ll typically have our first session within two weeks of programme confirmation – nothing like seizing the day!

5. Can you guarantee me results from coaching?

Coaching is very much an alliance between coach and client, and is a two-way relationship. A coach’s role is to facilitate the client’s development of personal or professional goals and to develop and carry out a plan for achieving those goals. But what you get out of it depends hugely upon what you put in. As a coaching client, you are responsible for making your own choices and taking your own actions as a result of your coaching.

What I can guarantee, if you are willing to do the mental heavy lifting and to commit to action, is that at the end of your coaching engagement you’ll have learnt a great deal and experienced significant personal growth. You’ll have far greater clarity about who you want to be and where you want to go, a much better understanding of your goals, and be well on the way to achieving them. You’ll be much more aware of your self-limiting beliefs, and have tools and strategies for tackling them. You’ll have taken control of your life, have a much more positive mindset, and a workable action plan to make big things happen.

If you want to read more about what previous clients thought of the value of their coaching, you can take a look at their testimonials here.

6. How can I make payment?

Payment can be taken via bank transfer or through chip or contactless payments from all major credit cards as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay. Invoices can be arranged if your coaching programme will be funded by your employer. Payment is typically due in full in advance of the commencement of the coaching programme, but payment plans can usually be arranged upon request.