Rest is not a dirty word

Rest is not a dirty word

IMG_8143I was talking to a client last week about the importance of proper rest. So many of us are ultra-focused on achievement, reaching our goals and ticking things off on our ever-growing to-do lists, and we forget that rest is not a dirty word.

So we keep going until we’re exhausted and irritable, because we always cope. Don’t we? But then we reach breaking point and we crash, and after recovering we have to take time to put all our pieces back together.

Rest (and not as a last resort) is not only warranted but necessary. Even machines need regular servicing.

Today, why don’t you take time out to do nothing but sit with a cuppa and a book or a drawing pad, calming music in the background, and take a break from the doing to just be?

And massage. Definitely have a good massage.

– Written by Natalie Snodgrass Tan, Quiet Space Ltd

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