A tale of sleep hygiene

A tale of sleep hygiene

IMG_8256Me: I’m so tired; I’m going to collapse into bed and sleep for a few days

Me: *gets into bed*

Me: I wonder if I should buy a Pranamat

Me: I haven’t checked my email for the last ten minutes; better rectify that

Me: How do I get A to appreciate that when I say ‘can you please do X’ I don’t mean in three years’ time (and counting)

Me: If I get those things ticked off my to-do list now then I’ll be ahead for tomorrow

Me: I’m hungry

Me: oooh new Instagram posts

Me: Sleep is for wimps, right?

Note to self: Practise better sleep hygiene
Note to readers: #doasisaynotasido

(Nope coaster by @gemmacorrell)

– Written by Natalie Snodgrass Tan, Quiet Space Ltd

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