What’s in the pipeline?

What’s in the pipeline?

There’s a lot in the pipeline and it’s all really exciting!

I’ve been invited by Leamington Hour to speak at Leamington Hour Live on 17 October 2018, on ‘work-life balance’ (although I prefer not to use the term ‘balance’ as I think it implies things it would be better off not implying); tickets should be on sale in September. A collaboration with The Wheelhouse Coventry is also brewing – 18 October 2018, hold the date!

New workshops are being developed on (a) resilience and (b) strengths, skills and values, and I have a plan for lots of new articles for the blog over the next few months – on how you can change your career path, the ‘problem’ of pain, perfectionism, mindfulness and coaching, and developing a personal philosophy of living.

I’m also starting to work with clients internationally! So if you want to come work with me, geography is now no barrier: drop me a message and we can talk about virtual coaching!

Keep learning, keep growing, stay curious x

– Written by Natalie Snodgrass Tan, Quiet Space Ltd

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