Visualisation and imagery

Visualisation and imagery


Yesterday, during the course I was on, we did some work on resilience-enhancing imagery – visualisation can be a really powerful tool to help us tap into performance-enhancing thoughts.

I have two images/visualisations that help me. I’ve shared one on here previously – walking down a peaceful, deserted beach and doing mindful breathing, which is a lovely one for feeling calm and centred.

A long time ago, I discovered, through some genealogical research that my uncle was doing, that the Snodgrass family had a crest: a phoenix in flames.

My second image is precisely that: the phoenix rising from the flames. I may burn, but I will always rise again.

Do you have images or visualisations that help you? Do share them!

– Written by Natalie Snodgrass Tan, Quiet Space Ltd

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