Quiet space

Quiet space


I wanted to share with you why Quiet Space is called Quiet Space.

If you’ve read the Quiet Space blurb you’ll have read this: “Quiet Space is all about that space in our heads that we need for equilibrium and some preservation of sanity, and evaluation of the things that really matter to us. Quiet Space Coaching creates that space so you have room to think, talk, be listened to and understood.”

Inner space and stillness is an incredibly important element in our wellbeing. Yet so many of us spend our lives rushing from place to place, filling our days with busyness. And then social media often fills the gaps that remain in our schedules. Everything is always on the ‘on’ setting – and it’s exhausting.

In coaching, it is often in the spaces in between – the silences – where the real power resides. It’s where the magic often happens: the space of the ‘aha’ moments; the space in between words and thoughts. In those moments the tumblers of the lock fall into place and what may have been just out of reach suddenly takes on a marvellous clarity.

Wishing you calm, quiet space and amazing clarity of thought today.

– Written by Natalie Snodgrass Tan, Quiet Space Ltd

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