Resilience and balance

Resilience and balance


These past few weeks have been all about resilience. Things have been incredibly stressful and both physically and emotionally draining, and I’ve had to marshal all my resources to stay focused and to flex with the challenges.

That’s what resilience is: being able to adapt in the face of adversity. It’s all about steering your way constructively through difficulty and taking learning from your experience.

It’s not about ‘bouncing back’ – a popular characterisation that has the unfortunate suggestion that you’re meant to instantaneously recover from a crisis. It’s natural and ok to be reeling for a while. Take the time you need. Reflect. Learn. Grow. And then realise that you’re not back in the same place – you’re further down the road, wiser, and often stronger.

When things get tough, think 4S*. What skills can you draw on to help you in this situation? What strategies can you develop to keep you moving? What pieces of sagacity can give you comfort? And which supports – friends and family – can help to keep you upright?

Whatever life is throwing at you, you’ll get through it. Have faith.

– Written by Natalie Snodgrass Tan, Quiet Space Ltd

(*4S taken from Carole Pemberton, Resilience: A Practical Guide for Coaches)

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