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IMG_1579Learning to view a situation from different perspectives can be a game changer. What we see isn’t usually the whole picture – shifting position helps us make sense of much more of the world and our relationships.

I’m Fine


The thing about mental health is that you can never really know how someone is feeling simply by looking at them. People put on all sorts of masks every day – to feel safe, to feel normal, to stop people telling them to cheer up, it might never happen. I’m fine!

Well, sometimes you’re not. It won’t last forever, but while you’re in that space, it can be very distressing, and sometimes frightening.

Check in on your friends and family. Take time to really listen, to go past the small talk and make a genuine connection. Don’t judge or jump to conclusions. Be kind, and gentle with other people’s hearts. We need that more than ever the way this world seems to be going.

What’s in the pipeline?

There’s a lot in the pipeline and it’s all really exciting!

I’ve been invited by Leamington Hour to speak at Leamington Hour Live on 17 October 2018, on ‘work-life balance’ (although I prefer not to use the term ‘balance’ as I think it implies things it would be better off not implying); tickets should be on sale in September. A collaboration with The Wheelhouse Coventry is also brewing – 18 October 2018, hold the date!

New workshops are being developed on (a) resilience and (b) strengths, skills and values, and I have a plan for lots of new articles for the blog over the next few months – on how you can change your career path, the ‘problem’ of pain, perfectionism, mindfulness and coaching, and developing a personal philosophy of living.

I’m also starting to work with clients internationally! So if you want to come work with me, geography is now no barrier: drop me a message and we can talk about virtual coaching!

Keep learning, keep growing, stay curious x

– Written by Natalie Snodgrass Tan, Quiet Space Ltd


At the Dark Hedges, which we visited when we were in Northern Ireland earlier this month, my son was complaining, “what’s so important about these trees anyway?” Cue an impromptu lesson from a lovely Irish passer-by who told him about how old this famous avenue of beech trees is and how trees are connected underground by fungi, all joined together in a perfect symbiosis. It’s kind of like humans, really. We might choose not to see the interdependencies between ourselves, other people and the rest of the world, but they’re there, linking us into the universe.

– Written by Natalie Snodgrass Tan, Quiet Space Ltd

Choose happy



(Possibly my record for the shortest blog post ever. Pithiness is a virtue.)