Suit of armour

suitofarmourWhen we protect ourselves so that we don’t get hurt, that protection can become like armour. It keeps out the potential damage, but it can also shield us from the things that we need to be touched by. I think in order to love we have to be willing to accept the possibility of pain. I want to live life wide open, welcoming in the kindness and the tenderness of this world alongside its sorrow. I want to let my guard down and leave the armour behind; it only imprisons the heart.

So allow people to get to know the real and authentic you, and see where it takes you. Try wearing your heart on your sleeve. Take a chance, take a leap of faith, place your trust in people. Not everyone will like you, but that’s ok. Plunge in and find someone who will love you as fiercely as you them.

– Written by Natalie Snodgrass Tan, Quiet Space Ltd

I Love Me


And so should you. Love yourself, that is. Although you can love me too if you like, for bonus points. 😉

Seriously though, why is self-love such a hard-won battle? My 5-year old made me sad the other day when she said ‘I don’t like myself’ (she’d tried to do some writing in the car, which hadn’t met her expectations). These patterns of thinking can become part of our blueprints so early on and follow us all the way into adulthood. It’s so important to develop a growth mindset, learn how to build our resilience, and discover how to treat ourselves with compassion.

You are worthy, and you have always been enough. Not because of your achievements or your talents, but just because you are who you are. And you are much more precious and loved than you realise.

– Written by Natalie Snodgrass Tan, Quiet Space Ltd