Vicky, University administrator and mum of three

My coaching sessions with Natalie over the past two years have provided me with a confidential space to share challenges in my work and personal life, gain a new perspective on them and reflect on my own needs. Natalie has helped me to gradually tease out what I really want from life, rather than what I think I ought to want. She supported me through a particularly demanding period when I was trying to juggle family life with three boys under the age of 4 alongside two different sets of work responsibilities. Her patient listening skills and incisive questioning enabled me to accept that I was finding things hard, identify what was proving particularly difficult and to negotiate a better situation.

While her approach was primarily aimed at enabling me to identify my own feelings and solutions in a non-directive way, she knew intuitively when to offer an alternative perspective or share an experience which has helped her to grow. I particularly appreciated her insightful understanding of and empathy for the challenges presented by working motherhood. I would thoroughly recommend her coaching to anyone who needs space to reflect on what they really want from life and wants to learn from their experiences.